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Processing Guide -No halogen flame retardant insulation and sheath material
1.Processing flow chart
2.Extrusion Equipment

    Ordinary extruder can, without making any major adjustments, may also have low-screw extrusion PVC products. It recommended the following characteristics of the equipment: extruder length to diameter ratio (L / D): 18-25; We recommend a low compression ratio screw, compression ratio 1.2-2.0;

    Recommend sheathing material without the filter, the insulating material 80 using a single layer of copper or stainless steel mesh filter.

3.Head and Die

    Streamlined nose, mold flow unobstructed. Recommended use squeeze tube mold, in order to achieve optimal physical and mechanical properties, the stretch ratio should not exceed 2: 1.

4.Extruder temperature settings
Feed zone Pressure touch segment Metering section Head Die Maximum melt temperature
110°C 130°C 150°C 160°C 160°C 165°C

Note: 1) have a good barrel temperature solemn

     2) According to the type of extruder, head design and the glue is different from the above-mentioned process temperature slightly adjusted. Maximum melt temperature should be controlled within 165 degrees Celsius. Extrusion smooth and uniform surface, preferably a cross-sectional nonporous

5.Power preparation

    Preheat the extruder, For added color concentrates, then to dry the masterbatch and the thermoplastic LSZH blocking fuel mix. Dedicated Masterbatch suggested adding device.

6.Use step

    1)Test, adjust the production process;

    2)Added material

    3)Melt temperature, to determine the optimum temperature;

    4)Stop and install die;

    5)Conductor links closing reel;


    7)Slowly increase the traction speed until it reaches the design requirements;

    8)At last, completely cleared before shutdown ordinary PE extruder flame retardant materials.


    1) Thermoplastic LSZH jacket material, absolutely fuel is very easy to absorb moisture, long storage time should be dried before using it again. The drying temperature is 65 ° C, the drying time was 4 hours;

    2) masterbatch before mixing must be recommended to use a dedicated masterbatch at a temperature above 80 degrees Celsius for 4 hours, and;

    3) After opening the package, it should be used as soon as possible.

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